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Beautiful Living Room With Staircase | 99+ Excellent Decorative Designs

The design trend of the living room with stairs is not unfamiliar. However, how to get a beautiful living room model with a satisfactory staircase and science in living space is not easy. If your family is also planning to design the living room space with the stairs. So please refer to the information in the article below! mẫu phòng khách đẹp có cầu thang

Introduce a few trends in beautiful living room patterns with stairs

  • Design trend of living room with stairs with modern furniture

Modern living room space is a trend that has never been out of fashion or less attractive. Therefore, when adding the appearance of a staircase, the house seems to become more attractive and increase the novelty. The layout of the stairs in the living room can be placed next to the wall or behind the living room, depending on the house. However, in any position, it always becomes the highlight of the space.

The design below is an excellent example of the layout of the living room with the stairs:

Design of living room with modern space is shown in every interior detail. From furniture, shelves to decoration systems all exude modern beauty. In this beautiful living room model with stairs, the stairs are placed behind the living room. And to cover the way up the stairs is somewhat unattractive, the design of decorative shelves is placed horizontally is very reasonable. This is also the layout of the living room with stairs, which is very feng-shui.

The design trend of the living room has a beautiful staircase with a classy space from oak

Oak material is used in many interior designs. With luxurious guest rooms this is even more common. The living room with the furniture or the shelf system made from this wood product not only has the beauty of the impressive wood color. The oak itself is a very beautiful and deep striated wood. Therefore, the living room model with beautiful oak stairs is very popular and selected.

One more reason for this natural wood line to be used in the living room space next to the stairs is the synchronous beauty. When using them in the entire interior of the living room as well as the stair railing will create an impressive, attractive beauty.

The design trend of a beautiful living room has a staircase next to the living room wall

Stairs placed next to the right or left wall of the living room are a very popular setting. Depending on the space, each homeowner has a different arrangement for convenient movement. This beautiful living room model with stairs often appears in townhouses or long tube houses. The following living room interior design space is an interesting reference to this trend.

Entering this townhouse, the living room is the first area you'll see. Long vertical space with a relatively large living room, along with a design of stairs placed next to the sitting sofa area. To conceal the defects and under the stairs, the owner took advantage of it to make a smart, neat TV shelf. This also helps the living room to be more spacious and bright.

The design of the living room and stairs are selected using MDF industrial wood. Contemporary industrial wood factory has decided to choose this wood material. Because they have many great advantages: anti-warping, anti-termite, very good waterproof. In addition, MDF also has low prices. Therefore, when cladding on the large baffle plate at the stair railing will not cost too much money.

Design trend of small living room with stairs

The small living rooms have stairs that require satisfactory arrangement and decoration. On a narrow area, without careful calculation, it is very likely to lose the neatness needed. With living rooms with limited area, small and narrow. The use of stairs with a toughened glass railing design or a thin cable stayed is a great suggestion. The design of the living room with the stairs below is a solution that is worth considering.

Featuring a small living room space of only 7m2. The interior of the living room is chosen very basic. On the background of characteristic gray incense wood, the furniture is simple in lines. In addition, along with deep brown wood tones are the white of the floor and walls. They help the living room have more depth. The house uses a staircase design in the living room with a small area. In particular, the handrail of the staircase is a very beautiful thin cable stayed. This design helps the living room more spacious and airy.

The design trend of a beautiful living room with tube house stairs

A townhouse is a space that often has a living room and stair design. Because, the stairs located in the common space will be convenient for homeowners to move up to the bedrooms. Therefore, usually the stairs will be placed next to the wall or behind the cabinet of the living room.

The tube house staircase layouts are usually not limited in ideas. However, how to build a scientific and harmonious whole depends on the area, feng-shui factors or interior. The living room space and the tube house staircase below are a typical example of this trend.

This tube house model uses a staircase located next to the wall of the living room. With the space running along the length of the house, the living room is integrated with the stairs will help save living area. Along with that, the staircase design using the tempered glass railing also helps the living room have more depth. By using white tones, thin lines, stairs do not take up too much area but still ensure a smooth, convenient entrance for the house.

Introducing the design of a beautiful living room with stairs for homeowners to refer

  • Design of living room with stairs in mezzanine floor

Instead of booking a living room in the first floor area or staying upstairs, many people tend to put in the mezzanine level. At this point, the stairs will lead up to the living room on the house's mezzanine level. This model of a beautiful living room with stairs is a typical space.

The design of this living room and this townhouse staircase overlooks the church room. Mezzanine space is fully dedicated to the living room with all furniture decorated in a modern style. On the background of white tones, the living room design is neat, elegant and polite. With a luxurious brown leather sofa and a full set of cabinets, a full TV shelf, the living room offers comfort.

Design of living room with stairs of townhouses

This model of townhouse with stairs in this living room has an area not too large. With only 8m2, however, the layout of the stairs and living room is still very harmonious. Stairs are located at the back of the living room with a minimalist handrail design.

To obscure the less aesthetic part of the stairs a wooden partition was erected. This is also a measure to improve feng shui for the living room. Because, according to the architects of Contemporary Interior, the staircase tends to pour out, symbolizing the loss of money. Therefore, a wooden partition is the most ideal choice that Contemporary offers.

The living room interior has simple and basic stairs. Do not use too many carvings, the wood material is the highlight for the space. The living room design also uses recessed ceiling lights to create ventilation for the house.

Sample living room with stairs with tempered glass

The tempered glass railing is a perfect solution for living room models with stairs. They make the entire space become wider and deeper. With this glass railing, it is clear that even when a large staircase appears in the living room, the space is not cramped or cramped. In addition, the design of the living room is also intelligently constructed with a built-in cabinet system under the stairs. These drawers are a great place for homeowners to put books, magazines, decorations

Designing the living room with stairs built in a luxurious and modern way. Sofa set with gray wood material and leather upholstery add to the luxury of the house. The interior designs are all smooth and flat and have minimalistic lines. Sometimes, it is this simplicity that creates the perfect beauty for the living space.

Suggest a few more designs of the living room with attractive stairs

Hopefully, with the information about the beautiful living room samples with stairs introduced above will help you have more choices. Do you love any designs?

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