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Interior design of Vincom Plaza Son La villa | 80m2 / floor - Walnut wood

Villa design Vincom Plaza Son La converges classy amenities with super nice location. This is an ideal place for families to settle down and create life. To create the best living space, families need to design the most comfortable interior. Here, Contemporary Furniture would like to introduce the interior design of the super luxurious Vincom Plaza Son La villa. We invite you to join us in admiring this impressive and premium design with us! thiết kế nội thất biệt thự Vincom Plaza Sơn La

Layout of interior design for villas in Vincom Plaza Son La

Villa interior design always requires high aesthetics and affirms the level of the homeowner. Therefore, architects always have to carefully understand the needs and preferences of homeowners. In the sample of Vincom Plaza Son La, the architect listened to all requests from the family. Living space will bring elegance and elegance. Each member will have different needs for their bedroom space.

We design 4 floors in the villa Vincom Plaza with the first floor is the kitchen. The second floor is the space for the living room and master bedroom. The third floor is the space for the bedroom of the owner's son and granddaughter. The top floor is a solemn place of family worship. The interior design of the villa in a modern style. Material used is mainly high-grade walnut imported from North America. Along with that are materials such as industrial wood, artificial stone, glass.

Walnut living room in interior design of Vincom Plaza Son La villa

Walnut wood furniture always brings the upscale beauty and elegance that makes everyone fall in love. In the interior design of Vincom Plaza Son La, the walnut wood has shown its most impressive beauty. Large living room using all furniture from walnut wood with deep brown colors. The flexible wood lines bring great aesthetics to the living space.

The walnut wood sofa is not only beautiful from the material but also has a very unique design. Instead of using an ice or corner sofa, the architect has chosen an arc-shaped sofa. This sofa provides glamor and aesthetics to a spacious living room. Combined with a single armchair, the sofa forms a U-shape to welcome a lot of fortune and luck into the house.

Square tea table has many smart compartments with multi-function decorative shelves. Therefore, the living room has both a lavish and classy wine cabinet, bookshelves and decorations. That has created the most perfect and solemn reception space.

Design the kitchen to be polite and warm for the family

Walnut wood brings a warm and calm beauty space. Therefore, this wood is very popular for kitchen interior design. L-shaped kitchen cabinets are designed with super comfort and durable walnut wood material. Sample kitchen cabinets will make you love by the luxurious design with subtle lines. Not only that, the kitchen cabinets all have smart functions that make cooking more convenient.

The walnut wood dining table set is solemn but also full of closeness to the family. Design a circular dining table with 8 dining chairs to create a gathering and gather together. In the center of the dining table, there is a rotating glass table to make picking up food easier. Slim and elegant design has made the furniture even more elegant.

Luxury bedrooms in interior design of Vincom Plaza Son La villas

  • Master bedroom design

The interior design of the Vincom Plaza Son La villa is owned by an elderly owner. Therefore, Master bedroom is designed in a modern style with traditional features. The furniture from the wardrobe, decorative shelves all have the subtle, classic lines. The bedroom is decorated with white and gray tones so it is very elegant and warm.

The chalk table design, bookshelf, and the bedside tab all feature small, traditional lines. The bedroom is constructed entirely from super-class walnut wood. This material has added luxury and majesty to the Master bedroom space.

  • Design bedroom for boys

The son of the owner is also an adult, so the bedroom is designed very luxuriously. Walnut wood furniture has brought an impressive and upscale beauty to the room. The master bedroom, this bedroom is equipped with a comfortable and luxurious work desk. Wardrobe design with chalk table is separated from the bed by the TV shelf. The architect has designed a TV shelf that combines a partition that is both good for the bedroom and creates an accent for the bedroom.

  • Design bedroom for granddaughter

Designing bedroom for girls brings warm and softer beauty. The bedroom is white and pale yellow, soft, bright and intimate. The bedroom is very ventilated with 2 large white 4-wing wardrobes. Baby study desks are placed at the head of the bed with a comfortable wall-mounted bookshelf. All bedrooms are made of An Cuong moisture-proof industrial wood that is safe for health.

Design a formal worship room for high-end villas

The family's place of worship is designed with the most solemnity and majesty. The four-legged altar is sculpted and carved with sophisticated patterns bold traditional culture. The two sides place chairs to display bonsai bonsai feng shui. On the walls, pictures of the four precious quarters are displayed, adding to the aesthetic beauty. Located on the 4th floor, the worship space is both private and quiet.

Contemporary Furniture - The leading villa interior design unit

The interior design of the Vincom Plaza Son La villa above has brought a perfect living space. You can also own your own impressive design by contacting us. Contemporary Furniture has a team of talented and creative architects. The designs have high aesthetic beauty and variety of styles. Furniture styles Indochine, modern, neoclassical or Scandinavian,… can all meet.

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