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Why should you design the interior?

Many households have invested a lot of money to build a house, but have received bitter fruits for not having interior design (thiết kế nội thất):

  • The house is not aesthetically pleasing, the furniture is not in harmony, the colors are not consistent.

  • Error design must be edited, cut and re-assembled.

  • No technical factors or problems occurred during the installation process.

  • Continuously fix without improving, and both stay and repair.

  • Funds bounce too much compared to lure.

  • We always put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, understand what the customer is wondering about or your hidden desires so that we can create the trendiest drawings but still clearly show the personality of the owner.


What do you get when choosing design services of Contemporary Furniture?

More than 10 years of service, also more than 10 years of receiving the trust of customers. Our design services are rated according to 5 ⭐ standards, in order to best meet the needs of customers:

Design of standard interior construction (thi công nội thất) according to customer requirements.

Design practical "design standard practice".

Create specific ideas for each space, regularly update new design trends.

Optimizing the function for the whole house interior.


Interior is the extended arm in the finishing and soul-blowing in the architect's works. Our design service will give you a lot of different choices. For each different category, Contemporary Furniture selects the most suitable and optimal design solutions. Design style in harmony with townhouse interior design space, villa interior design, apartment interior design, create architecture of each zone, open design, take advantage of open directions, harmonize space interior with natural landscape. Balance interior space, reduce wood to create a harmonious balance for the whole space (nội thất gỗ óc chó).


Step 1: Meet the client and learn design ideas

After you contact the Contemporary Furniture, our Sales staff will work directly with you to (báo giá thi công nội thất).:

Find out customer information such as:

- Age, preferences, premises area, number of users

- Purpose of use: To stay, rent (Homestay or long-term rental), sell ...

- Main design style and desired by customers

- Material requirements, materials used in the interior

- Customer needs, estimated budget

- Consulting on interior design cost prices

Step 2: Survey the current situation

After the customer receives the cost quotation and consultation from the sales staff, the architects and the sales staff will come to the customer's house for a few sessions to survey the current site, including the following steps. :

- Measure, draw, check the surface space, properties of space, positions and engineering lines.

- Accurately draw architectural spaces, especially altitude, size, and taste

decorating walls, beams, and floors of your home

- Accurately draw the location, the path of the devices, the connection line of the devices

technical equipment

- The architect will further advise the Client directly at the project based on the desired design requirements and the actual survey site.

Step 3: Sign a design contract

If the two parties agree, they will sign an interior design contract. The content of the contract includes:

- Design costs

- Items to be designed

- Style each item

- Design progress (Usually from 10 - 15 days)

- Payment schedule

- Offers and promotions for customers (if any)

After signing a design contract, the customer will make the first payment (50% of the contract value) for Contemporary Furniture

Step 4: Design the interior plan

While agreeing the design contract, the architect will make a preliminary plan design of the site

- Space division, arrangement of furniture, location of main equipment in the interior

- Make plans on interior style, materials used

- Draw the correct scale, position of furniture, water and electricity equipment, dividing wall

- Partition walls, location of furniture and equipment must be suitable to current conditions, structures and technical positions

Step 5: 3D design

When the Client has finalized the interior layout design, the architect will conduct 3D drawing of the indoor areas

- 3D drawing is a drawing that simulates the interior corners of the house for customers to visualize in front of their house,

- The 3D version of the design is based on the interior style required by the homeowner, using materials in accordance with the requirements of the customer, material level, material type, color

Step 6: Present the design plan to the customer

When the 1st 3D design is completed, KTS will send the Client to view and present detailed design ideas to the Client.

- After the Customer has reviewed the details, he will respond to the KTS which parts need to be modified

- At this time, will proceed to modify the unstable points as desired by the customer until the 3D perspective is finalized.

Step 7: Design technical construction documents

Finishing the 3D design, the customer makes a second advance payment (30% of the contract value) for Contemporary Furniture to advance construction work (2D) (báo giá thiết kế nội thất)

Contemporary Interior Architects will hand over 2D drawings to the client with construction drawings that will have the following elements:

- Size, position, symbol of details, furniture

- Types of materials, codes of materials, equipment

- Color by code, or by pattern

- Design layout of the function plan

- Floor and ceiling tiles (if any)

- Drawings of socket and switch locations (if any)

- Detailed drawing of wooden furniture

- And some additional samples depending on the type of apartment.

Step 8: Termination of Design Contract

After completing the 2D version, Contemporary Furniture will be synthesized into 1 complete set of 3D + 2D profiles sent to customers (nội thất tân cổ điển)

- Finish design items, conduct acceptance, and liquidate interior design contracts

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