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Interior design for Villa Vinhome Ocean Park Ngoc Trai 168m2 / floor - Indochine style

Ngoc Trai is the most luxury villa sub-area in Vinhome Ocean Park urban area. The single villas here are both majestic with the best amenities. Therefore, interior design for the villas is also commensurate with the position of the owner. Contemporary Furniture had the opportunity to interior this Vinhome Ocean Park villa thiết kế nội thất biệt thự Vinhome Ocean Park . Here, invite you to join us to admire this super luxurious design in Indochine style!

Layout of interior design for villas in Vinhome Ocean Park

Designing a single villa in Ngoc Trai sub-area with an area of 168m2 / floor. Contemporary Furniture has designed and arranged functional space for 2 floors in the villa. The first floor is the common living space of the family with the living room, kitchen and dining room. A part of the area is used as a car garage and reception hall to play. The second floor is a resting space for the host couple and a common living space.

The architect has designed the interior of the 1st floor and the Master bedroom for the owner on the 2nd floor. The villa is designed in Indochine style. Through discussions with his family, the architect has designed the interior in accordance with the style that homeowners love. The main materials used for the interior are flanges and rattan. These are typical materials for Indochine style, creating a unique personality for the living space.

Luxury living room in interior design villa Vinhome Ocean Park

Indochine interior style is the perfect crystallization between Chinese and Indian culture. Not only that, this is also the intersection between neoclassical beauty and regional identity. The designs in this style have a very high aesthetic and have its own identity, bold culture. Indochine living room is designed very elegantly. This deserves a perfect reception space to admire.

The majestic sofa set in a U-shape is placed in the center of the living room. Elegant light beige felt sofa combined with noble black and painted flange wood frame. Sofa in the living room with backrest is made from simple but very elegant rattan. The tea table in the living room is natural stone-paved with brown, cloudy and super attractive.

Sofa tab and TV shelf are made from flange wood with luxurious and majestic design. Impressive living room design with black and white colors on the walls and floor tiles. In particular, the floor is tiled with cotton tiles with an impressive black leaf-shaped pattern. Living room walls are designed with wall-mounted shelves for homeowners to display wine, books or antiques.

Elegant villa kitchen design with flange wood material

  • Design kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet in this Vinhome Ocean Park villa's interior design is made of flange wood. This wood is very popular in interior design with many advantages. Architects have taken advantage of this wood to bring luxury and elegant kitchen cabinets. L-shaped kitchen cabinet design is full of luxury with neoclassical patterns and delicate lines. The black color of the kitchen cabinet blends in the design to create an impressive contrast and personality.

The kitchen cabinet is covered with green Mosaic tiles, prominent on the white - black wall background. Attention in the living room is also directed towards the compact bar located in the center of the kitchen. This kitchen island bar offers the comfort and a poetic drinking space for the family.

  • Dining room design

The dining table is elegantly placed between the living room and the kitchen. The dining table design is bold Western culture with neoclassical design and pattern. The luxurious black color emphasizes the authority and attractiveness for the dining table model. The architect constructed a jade wood interior with turquoise seat cushions. The elegance of turquoise color creates a romantic atmosphere for the dining room.

Master bedroom in villa interior design Vinhome Ocean Park

Bedroom in villa design Vinhome Ocean Park has a very high aesthetic. The architect has created a warm and artistic resting space. Black and white colors are still used to create striking contrast to the design. However, the bedroom is cozy with neutral colors such as brown wooden floors, light gray walls.

Bedroom furniture is made from flanged wood material combined with rattan. Rattan is used for the cabinet wings, the bed head has a rustic and simple beauty. This design has brought a feeling of closeness, bold Indochinese culture. Opposite the bed is a wall painted with vibrant red waves. This bedroom wall has brought out a super impressive artistry bold Chinese culture. That has brought to the bedroom space aesthetics but also very relaxing.

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